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      Social welfare is not an attitude but a responsibility. Guangbo firmly believes that the mission of an enterprise is to create the harmonious development of the enterprise and society and always regards the participation in different social welfare activities including charity, poverty relief, disaster donation and education assistance as the basic demands of forging the enterprise quality and sharing the financial responsibility. Thus, Guangbo lives up to the financial responsibility outlook of “corporate citizen” by undertaking its social responsibility to the utmost. So far, its donation to the different fields of society has reached up to 50 million RMB. 

      Under the concept of “financial responsibility”, Guangbo has been returning to society genuinely. Over 20 years, it has built “Guangbo Zhaibicun Hope School” in the Huangping County of Guizhou Province, aided in the construction of the education buildings in Qingchun County of Sichuan Province, organized the “Sunshine Education Aids” to help 144 kids in villages and set village kid education development fund to help them fulfill their studies. It has sent condolence money to no less than 1000 poor old men. Guangbo also cares about people struck by social diseases and difficulties. The 1 million RMB Liuben Guanming Funds are donated to the anti-cancer foundation; moreover, Guangbo is also passionate about sports, culture and other public service construction. In September 2009, it donated 10 million RMB to support the western cultural and education cause to express the attention to the western education cause and support to the western development. 

      In front of the economy globalization and the ever fierce competition in the world, the enterprise should open the eyes to the whole world and pay more attention to the non-profit activities to spread love and do charities, and aim to be a qualified world citizen which is a kind of indispensable quality. In the days later, Guangbo will look forward to the future, the general situation and the corporate citizen responsibilities and implement its financial responsibilities further by the continuous development of itself.  

      Green Mailbox

      Green Mailbox is a green carrier to help Guanbo to communicate efficiently, trust mutually and develop harmoniously with employees, with an aim to establish a harmonious and developing Guangbo and reflecting the shortcomings of the enterprise in a comprehensive, real and deep attitude. Employees write their problems in work and life in the mails which truly reflect their thoughts. 

        By receiving and assorting the suggestions and ideas widely collected from employees, the green mailbox implements the answer regulations efficiently and motivates employees’ enthusiasm fully, in order to connect the enterprise’s development closely with the employees’ progress. It is not only a path for employees to communicate with the enterprise, but also an efficient channel for employees to participate in the daily management of the enterprise, so as to strengthen the corporate cohesion. 

      Open time: Every Saturday 16:00

      Answer time: Every Tuesday 14:00