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      Human Resources


      Talent Concept


      In Guangbo, talent can be “no one less”. Considering talents from a dynamic view, it highlights the cultivation and recycled use of talents. By establishing the Right Protection Center and Green Mailbox, it holds various cultural activities according to the rational suggestions to enhance the basic training, skill training and education of all the frontline employees, in order to infuse the career planning into the production workers. Therefore, Guangbo constructs libraries in the enterprise to provide a number of professional books of technology and skill to employee to read in their spare time and connect with some training companies to implement the technical guides and training in terms of special types of work and facility operations in the enterprise. As a result, about 540 employees have got the qualification certificates and the accident rate of thousands of facilities in Guangbo has been greatly lowered and the production efficiency has been improved by over 30%. It has truly realized the deep exploration and the recycled use of talents and lived up to the concept of “learning staff” advocated by Guangbo, which is the perpetual motivation to promote the continuous and healthy development of the enterprise.  

      Growing in Guangbo

      Make the staff in the visualization on the growth of happiness grow better and more devoted to work.

      Company's culture

      In the long term, Guangbo has been committed to building the harmonious development outlook in the enterprise and cultivating a fair, domestic, honest and healthy corporate atmosphere in the enterprise, transforming the independent entrepreneurship to the whole-staff corporate spirit and building a corporate culture with the core values of innovation, learning, credit and mission, so as to facilitate Guangbo group to rapidly develop on the way of specialization, diversification and globalization. 

      Harmonious development view

      Now many enterprises only implement entrepreneurs' own concepts, instilling and assimilate artificially, and neglect the compatibility produced by employees in accepting enterprise culture itself. In view of this situation, Guangbo Group puts forward "harmonious developing concept". It doesn't simply conclude the enterprise culture construction to enterprise itself, but mostly exert the spirit of every employee. The career planning for every employee becomes the most important one in the management of human resource.



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