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      About US


      Group Profile

      Guangbo Investment Holding is an enterprise, internet marketing, intelligent house furnishing and capital operation, which is committed to developing the competitive industries of, new energy, new electronics and financial services. With 19 holding subsidiaries, it has over 30 international and domestic patents of invention including nanometer, digital electronics and new energy and breaks the monopoly layout of the foreign industry giants. It has undertaken several National Torchlight Plan Projects and Technology Innovative Fund Projects set up by the Ministry of Science and Technology and tries in the capital operation by participating in Kunlun trust, Ningbo Commerce Bank and modern service lines.

      Wisdom gathering, excellence outstanding. Guanbo will learn and study the management experience and cultural connotation of world renowned enterprise actively, keep improving the development layout of industrial upgrading, scientific progress and management innovation, and strive to become a pioneer in the diversified industries…

      • 6000+

        Content employee

      • 500strong

        Chinese private manufacturing enterprise

      • 200+

        With kinds of patents

      • 100+

        Products sold in Europe, the States, Southeast Asia, etc.

              Guangbo Group was established in 1992. After 30 years of continuous efforts and development, it now owns two major enterprise groups, Guangbo Shares and Guangbo Investment Holdings, and two listed companies.It has four major production bases worldwide, including Ningbo, Jiangsu, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The industry involves four major sectors: light industry stationery manufacturing, new material research and development, cross-border e-commerce and services, and equipment heavy industry. It has formulated more than 50 national and industry standards. It has six overseas branches in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions,  over 7000 employees.

              The group currently has 5 provincial-level research and development centers, including Postdoctoral Research Institute, Enterprise Technology Center, Industrial Design Center, and Enterprise Research Institute. It has undertaken 2 national innovation fund projects for small and medium-sized enterprises, 3 national torch plans, and 1 national industrial revitalization project, and has successively won honors such as "National May Day Labor Award", "National Cultural Export Key Enterprise", "National Printing Demonstration Enterprise", "National Manufacturing Single Champion Product", "National Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises", and "High tech Enterprise".

              In recent years, Guangbo Group has been based on itself, focusing on the light industry manufacturing sector, increasing the cultivation of cross-border e-commerce, continuously expanding the international market and opening up pattern. In the future, it will take "selling the world" and "buying the world" as strategic goals, seek high-quality international open cooperative relationships, vigorously develop the full promotion of the company's products, focus on expanding global centralized procurement, and establish brand image,establish Guangbo's own global resource interaction platform.

              In the next five years, based on the low-carbon concept of sustainable development, the company will continue to adhere to the dual wheel drive of industrial manufacturing and new energy material research and development, adhere to the mission of sustainable resource utilization and ecological virtuous cycle, increase investment in research and development, use technology to assist cutting-edge development in the industry, and let innovation drive the development of green industries. Adhering to the principle of putting people first and ensuring the sustainable development of the enterprise, it will continue to promote the model of partner and equity incentives to stimulate employees' internal drive. Adhere to building a digital and intelligent production system, deeply integrate digital technology with business scenarios, strengthen digital risk control capabilities, and promote the implementation of multiple scenarios in smart logistics, warehousing, and supply chain. Adhere to the "three hundred" project goal unswervingly, that is, 100 overseas sales staff, 100 overseas stores, and sales starting from one million dollars, spare no effort to explore overseas emerging markets, and make high-quality development a solid foundation for promoting common prosperity of enterprises.

      Chairman’s Speech

      In fierce market competition, the weak competitors will be washed out. In this era full of enterprising enthusiasm, the manufacturing of small products also has good prospects.

      In the context of economic integration in which supply exceeds demand, the key to the survival of enterprises lies in whether they can take the initiative before demand is formed. In the situation of increasingly fierce homogenization competition, the most important thing for the sustainable development of enterprises is the introduction and cultivation of talents. In an era where subversion is unknown, the success of enterprises is bound to be accompanied by continuous breakthroughs and innovations.

      Promoting the harmonious development of globalization is the goal of human common efforts. Every Guangbo person should constantly pursue his dreams in the distance, integrate into the ever-flowing stream of the times, and seek higher and faster development with a determined attitude. Guangbo will share the results of sustainable development in all fields in the future.



      Development Milestones

      30 多年來,廣博人,用汗水和智慧,走出了一條中國民企可持續發展之路。


      In 1993, it purchased the first single colour press and started to the development of colour printing packing industry.


      In 1994, it participated in Canton fair for the first time and got “horse racing lottery” order from British Eagleton Company which is the first foreign trade export order.


      In 1995, by cooperation with a Hong Kong enterprise, it established Ningbo Yisida Paper Co., Ltd., which is the first sino-foreign joint venture.   


      In 1996, it determined “GUANGBO” as the enterprise registered trademark and submitted to National Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau for approval.


      In 1997, it vigorously explored Asian market and established the first oversea branch in Hong Kong.    


      In 1998, in order to further construct and complete oversea sales system, it started to register trademark “GUANGBO” in more than 20 oversea countries and regions.


      In 1999, in order to strengthen radiation to markets in Africa and the Middle East, it set up an office in Dubai and awarded the title of “China’s Packing Leading Enterprise”.


      In 2000, it won the title of “China’s Excellent Enterprise of Export Goods”.


      In 2001, to implement “zero distance” marketing, it set up the second oversea branch in America.


      In 2002, the “GUANGBO” trademark was rated as the “Zhejiang Well-known Trademark” by Zhejiang Provincial Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau.


      In 2003, GUANGBO Industrial Park was ground-broken, which signs beginning of the second undertaking. 


      In 2004, it was rated as the “Large Scale Top 500 Private Enterprises of National Federation of industry and Commerce” and awarded the title of “China's Top 30 Stationery and Sporting Goods Industry Enterprises”.


      In 2005, it was entitled the name “Army GUANGBO Stationery Women Basketball”, which lays foundation for brand marketing. The national industry standards like album, name card volume revised and drafted by GUANGBO were officially implemented. Guangbo was awarded “China’s Famous Export Brand by the Ministry of Commerce and became the “Director Unit of China’s Stationery and Sporting Goods Association Paper Products Council”.


      In 2006, it became “the first national paper products stationery dealer in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games”. Guangbo was awarded “China Top Ten Stationery Brand” by China’s Stationery and Sporting Goods Association.


      On Jan 10, 2007, GUANGBO shares (stock code 002103) were public listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Guangbo became the first domestic listed paper product stationery enterprise. Guangbo products were awarded as “China’s Famous Products” by State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine.


      In 2008, with constantly promotion of industry capital, the company actively participated in recombination and integration of non-financial organizations. “GUANGBO Olympic Licensed Products” were collected by China's Olympic organizing committee, Capital Museum, Beijing Archives.


      In 2009, GUANGBO was awarded “National May 1st Labor Certificate” by All China Federation of Trade Unions and was rated as the “Provincial Youth Employment Entrepreneurship Practice Base” by Communist Youth League of Zhejiang Province. The new building of GUANGBO was officially put into use.


      In 2010, it was rated as the national non-public enterprise party construction demonstration unit.


      In 2011, GUANGBO was rated as “2010 Zhejiang Provincial Famous Trade Name”. It invested RMB 4 billion for official construction of Jiangsu Guangbo Industrial Park.


      In 2012, it held GUANGBO 20th Anniversary Celebration, on which 600 more home and abroad traders gathered. It was rated as the “National Cultural Export Key Enterprise” by state five ministries.


      In 2013, it was rated as the “National Printing Demonstration Enterprise”. It vigorously implemented human replacing by machine.


      In 2014, it purchased Yun Media and implemented internet with strategies. It was awarded the title of “China’s Second Batch of Light Industry Brand Competitive Advantage Product”, and listed in “Zhejiang Provincial Manufacturing Industry Top 100” for 3 years continuously. 


      In 2015, it purchased software science and technology enterprise, created cross border e-commerce platform, and launched the first domestic stationery industry vertical e-commerce platform


      It was rated as Zhejiang Cultural Industry Demonstration


      In 2017, Guangbo officially launched the stylish stationery brand Kinbor and fashion office stationery brand Fizz , entering the high-endstationery industry.


      In 2018, the “2+3+4” strategy of cultivating the two listed companies, achieving 30 bllion annual output value and promoting thedevelopment of four major sectors was officially launched.


      In 2019,The first overseas production base of Guangbo was built in Beining,Vietnam.


      In 2020,Boqian New Materials Stock Co.,Ltd(stock code 605376) goes public on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange onDec 8th.